Bridal Diaries: Applying for Marriage License in Quezon City

Applying for our marriage license in Quezon City was surprisingly easy. It took us just one day (with a long free time in between) to complete our documents, attend the seminar, and submit all requirements.

To make our lives easier on the day we researched on how to apply for a marriage license. We had all documents ready except for my cedula. You can get your birth certificate and CENOMAR from SM Business Centers, it is more convenient than going to NSO centers.

Also, we wanted to make sure we won’t take any shortcuts to get our marriage license. And based on our research it isn’t really hard to acquire the license. Just a little bit of patience is all that is required.


  1. 1×1 photo of bride and groom
  2. Certificate of No Marriage and photocopies
  3. Birth Certificate and photocopies
  4. Cedula
  5. Family Planning Seminar Certificate of Attendance

Other essentials

  1. Water bottle
  2. Pens
  3. Coins for getting photocopies
  4. Umbrella

The following details are what we did when we went to Quezon City Hall.

  1. Arrived at the Quezon City Hall around 8:30am.
  2. Went to the Health Department (see map below, Mayaman Road corner Kalayaan Ave.) to register for the Family Planning Seminar scheduled at 1pm later that day.
  3. Got my Cedula from the cashier’s office behind Landmark (still along Mayaman Road).
  4. Went to the Civil Registry office (other end of Mayaman Road, near East Ave.). The guy at the counter asked for the copies of our Cedula. He then gave as an order of payment.
  5. Returned the cashier’s office to pay. We paid 150 pesos.
  6. Returned to the Civil Registry office and we were given 2 pages of the marriage license application form.
  7. It was still around 9 or 10 in the morning so we had time to kill before our seminar. We went to Jollibee to have breakfast. And while we were there we finished the application form. We moved to Starbucks after because we were getting bored. There are a lot of establishments at Matalino Street. I wanted to get a massage while waiting but we had little time left when we saw Nuat Thai on that street.
  8. Went back to the Health Department hall to attend the seminar. We finished around 3pm and got our certificate of attendance right after.
  9. Rushed back to the Civil Registry office but along the way we took photocopies of the application form and the certificate of attendance.
  10. Got the application form notarised. There’s a notary conveniently located inside the Civil Registry office. It think this was around 100 or 50 pesos.
  11. Submitted all documents. They will write the date when you can claim your marriage license on the photocopy of your application form.

On the day I returned to the Civil Registry Office, I brought the photocopy of our application form and paid 100 pesos. When I received our marriage license there was an error on Rod’s name but they were able to fix it right away.


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